This Day and Age

A Kentucky church that voted to ban interracial couples has now overturned that vote. The Appalachian church voted Sunday to welcome all believers "regardless of race, color or creed."

Orginal Post 12/02/2011---------------------------

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read that a church in Kentucky apparently ban an interracial couple from attending and participating in church service.

While most of the pastors in this community agree that this type of action is “not in the spirit of the community in any way, shape or form,” it is hard to believe that there are still some closed minds in the country.  The story will certainly put some light on what has been going on in this particular church.

Apparently the members of the church took a vote to decide if the couple would or would not be able to participate in future church services. The vote may have been close but, to the church members who “voted” to ban the couple, shame on you. To the members who voted not to ban the couple, great job!! And to the members who did not vote, know this, sometime when you don’t vote or take a stand for something, you actually are taking a stand. And that stand maybe misinterpreted.

Can you believe that this type of thinking still goes on in this Day and Age?


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