Paid To Do Nothing

It seems that we have been here before…. Oh yes, we have, the all to familiar stalemate in Washington. And once again it is the American people who are caught in the middle.

Bob Schieffer said it best on the CBS Evening News when he said , "Congress did absolutely nothing this year". For what they are paid, to produce zero results is the most telling. So what did they do, almost shut down the government not once but three times, had the nation’s credit rating lowered and now they are on track to raise the taxes of almost every working American.  What happened yesterday will surly be a turning point for the republican party. 

The plan to oppose everything that President Obama puts forth just backfired.

As I read the comment all over the web it seems that congresses already dismal approval rating of an average of 12.5% will more than likely be heading even further south.


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