Something Historic happened on Tuesday November, 1 that went sort of unnoticed.  A group of parents and taxpayers sued the Los Angeles Unified School District to make the district follow the law, by evaluating teacher based on how much their students have learned.  The judge in the case said that since this case was a long time in coming that he would allow the district some time to prepare its response.

This group of parents and taxpayers are suing to enforce the Stull Act.  The law goes back four decades and it says that the board of trustees of each school district shall evaluate teachers, at least in part, as reasonably measured by their student’s performance on the state’s standards-based test.  The law makes this mandatory that each school district use this method to evaluate its teachers.

The group and their lawyers have said that for years, Los Angeles Unified School District have be breaking the law, and refused to implement the Stull Act.  Before they went to court the group sent a letter to the district asking it to comply.
In the letter the group says that the district never evaluated the teachers using student test scores, and, as a consequence, has never told teachers where they stood and have never counseled them on how to improve in terms of increasing their students’ learning.  All of which the law requires.

In the letter the group also says that the teachers union the United Teachers Los Angeles is also breaking the law by deliberately evading through a series of complictious collective bargaining agreements between the district and the union, all at the expense of the students.

This case could set the precedent for how other school districts evaluate teacher, Keep your eyes on this one


  1. The question we should be asking "Is standardize testing the way to go?"


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