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Using AI For Retail Instocks

In-stock is one of the most important factors in the customer experience in a big box retail environment. It is essential that stores keep their shelves well-stocked with the products customers need, as this creates an overall positive shopping experience and can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.   When customers come into a store expecting to find the items they need, it’s very frustrating when they can’t find them due to out-of-stock issues. This not only erodes brand trust but also leads to lost sales opportunities. According to research from Adobe, out of stock items account for 18% of abandonment rates during checkout on eCommerce websites and 13% of shoppers will abandon their shopping carts if an item they want is out of stock. Moreover, nearly half (45%) of consumers are unlikely or very unlikely to shop at a store again if they can’t find what they’re looking for due to inventory issues.   Fortunately, retailers are increasingly recognizing the importance of ke