Jan Brewer is just one a long list of republican’s who just don’t have any respect for the Office of the President of the United States.  All to often one will be lead to believe that is because The President is black.
She has said that President Obama has “thin Skin”, but it looks like Jan is the one who has the thin skin.

In the much circulated photo, where she has her finger in the Presidents face (if I were him I would have bite it off) she claims that she was having a conversation with him about his disagreement with an account in her book.  Well, Mrs. Jan take it from me I write a lot of stuff and sometimes people disagree with, but at no point did I ever “wag” my finger in their face.
Somebody needs to teach her respect, you can disagree all you want to, but to put on a show with someone, such as the president of the United States is just embarrassing.
I am embarrassed for the people of Arizona.


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