Bain Capital

A Super PAC loyal to Newt Gingrich plans to release a short movie called "King Of Bain", which is said to detail the role that Mitt Romney played when he was running the company.  In the video it states that Mitt was a corporate raider, or in the term used in the video "Corporate Fireman".

When your own republican candidates are exposing Mitt Romney's corporate firemen, and venture capital, one could say the GOP has big problems. I have personally known two corporate firemen in my life, one was ruthless, cutting jobs, and downsizing. The other made real efforts to spin off positive assets of the company while trying to save the jobs with the sale off of those assets. Bain Capital cost more jobs than they ever created. Simple facts. Corporate firemen come in all types, some much better than others. Black and Decker was saved by one of these people thirty five years ago, then went on to save a domestic dinnerware mfr in Homer Laughlin China co. makers of the famed Fiesta Ware. Some work others fail, failure being costing more jobs than you create.

That this video which  was produced by REPUBLICANS (!) is nothing short of amazing.

The idea however, is not to pin all of the abuses of the 99% by corporate pirates on Mitt Romney, but to use Bain Capital as an example.  The 99% are tired of Corporate raiders, and so called "Corporate Firemen" who plunder employees Health care benefits and pension plans to make a profit for the very few.
The word on the street if that if you Purge ol' Mitt from the Republican presidential candidate roster, and the problem will disappear. This is in my opinion is mis-guided, because for every Mitt Romney you get rid of there will be at least 10 other Corporate "firemen" waiting in the wings.  The public has to send a message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.


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