What Happened to Adulthood

What has happened to Adulthood?  Let me explain what I am talking about. 
I am talking about adults being and acting like adults.  We see if every day on TV. 

Grown people fighting like cats, and dogs on national TV. Reality show and YouTube videos showing teen moms and teenagers fighting in the streets.

A lot of times the problem is not the children but the adults who are suppose to be teaching the children.

How can the children learn when the adults are screwed up themselves?

We have to have standards; my uncle used to say to me all the time Children are learning every day, the question is WHO they are learning from.

I work in retail and often times I wonder who let the children in and didn't watch them only to find out that there WERE NO children and that it was the adults who threw trash on the floors, or messed up the bathroom, it was the adults who make most of the mess, and look at you like you are there maid.  I can remember my mother telling me "boy I ain't your maid."   While being a maid is a noble profession it is not what most of us signed up for. Adults should clean up after themselves, and what are you teaching your children when you leave a mess, or fight another adult.

It is time for us to grow up and start acting like the adults that we claim we are.


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