(Division Directors, Staff Directors, Branch Chiefs)

1. What factors, events, forces, reforms, changes in laws and regulations, have occurred in the past year or so, or are occurring, that might affect the work environment in your bureau/RO? (Please describe the nature of each factor: What IS the factor, when did it occur, and what has each entailed?)
How about reorganization? . . . When was reorganization/streamlining begun in
your work unit?_________
- What changes have occurred in your work unit as part of
- What is the nature/type of these changes?
How about the Strategic Plan? . . . Tell me about its implementation in your division/office.

2. Do any other changes come to mind which have affected the work environment in
your work unit?

3. Have you had high performance leadership training?_______ When?_______
Followup training?________ When?_______________
If YES, please describe the nature of the training.

4. About how long has [Bureau/RO] been implementing TQE?
What are the elements of the implementation effort (structures, training, etc.)?

5.              a) How high a priority do you think implementing TQE is in the bureau?
b) How is that priority demonstrated?

6. Please describe the activities/changes promoted in this bureau concerning TQE.

7. The literature is filled with examples of how difficult it is to implement organizational changes--what barriers/practical difficulties have you identified as you work toward implementing customer service, empowerment, teamwork, etc.?
What examples come to mind as to how you have overcome these obstacles?

Michael W Truitt, Ph.D., D.B.A


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