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What Happened to Adulthood

What has happened to Adulthood?  Let me explain what I am talking about.  I am talking about adults being and acting like adults.  We see if every day on TV. 

Happy Holiday

Wishing you and the ones you love a Very Merry Christmas.

For Real

Ron Paul may be flying high in the Iowa polls, but his newsletters from the early 1990s continue to haunt him. On Wednesday, the Republican presidential candidate stormed out of an interview with CNN when chief political analyst Gloria Borger pressed him on claims that he made disparaging comments about blacks and Jews, among other incendiary remarks found in the letters.

Paid To Do Nothing

It seems that we have been here before…. Oh yes, we have, the all to familiar stalemate in Washington. And once again it is the American people who are caught in the middle.

Double Dip

A MT Blog  So it has come out that Texas Governor Rick Perry is Double Dipping.  While he is not breaking any law, in Texas, does he have a moral obligation to lead the way in changing the Texas law that allows this Double Dipping.

Super Rich

Jay-Z joins the ranks of the “Super Rich” who say that they are willing to pay more taxes.  Jay-Z now joins the likes of, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg and Ted Turner, as well as actors Mark Ruffalo and Edie Falco, who all say that they are willing to pay more in taxes as long as it goes to the right things.


A Michael W Truitt blog Here we go yet again!!!! The Republican Congress has proposed a bill that is sure to get veto, it may not even get pass the Senate, and really has not chance of becoming law.  The sad fact is that we the American people are caught in the middle once again.

The Real Meaning

A Michael W Truitt blog Have we lost the real meaning of Christmas?  As we all scurry about shopping for gifts (me too), trying to figure out what to buy Aunt Sue, and Cousin Joe or the young man next door.  People tend to get stressed at this time of year. Not to mention going into debt to buy that perfect gift, you know the one you really couldn’t afford to begin with. Keeping up with the Jones’ has always been attractive, the “My Gift is better than yours” attitude. But what is the real meaning of Christmas?

It Blows My Mind

Over the last couple of weeks we have been bombarded with news of missing children. Most of them white children and the national media have picked up on their stories, but here is a case of a young black girl who has been missing for almost three 3) days and the media has not really said a word about it.  The national media has a record of not reporting on black issues, as if those issues are not important.  Doesn’t the life of a little black girl (or boy) deserve the same attention aren’t their lives just as valuable? What kind of message is the media sending? As usual we have to turn to the black media to get stories that are close to us….  Where the Nancy Graces’ and all the politicians who make are comments and plead with America when a white child goes missing?

Balance Budget

The thought of a constitution amendment to balance the federal budget has been talked about for years.  But do we really need it?  I am 100% sure that in this next election season we will hear about this issue.

Does it Make Sense

So many people will benefit from what has been termed as “Obama care”, while this bill has never been touted as the bill that will end all of our worries about healthcare, and it has a long way to go, the Universal Healthcare bill does have things in it that will affect everyone.


Well, Well What a difference a week can make.  Herman Cain has decided to suspend his campaign, after talking to his wife and because of the numerous sexual allegations. How he and other politician are treated makes me really wonder, why anyone would want to be in politics?  At what point did we become a nation that is so interested in another

This Day and Age

A Kentucky church that voted to ban interracial couples has now overturned that vote. The Appalachian church voted Sunday to welcome all believers "regardless of race, color or creed." Orginal Post 12/02/2011--------------------------- I could hardly believe my eyes when I read that a church in Kentucky apparently ban an interracial couple from attending and participating in church service.


Something Historic happened on Tuesday November, 1 that went sort of unnoticed.  A group of parents and taxpayers sued the Los Angeles Unified School District to make the district follow the law, by evaluating teacher based on how much their students have learned.  The judge in the case said that since this case was a long time in coming that he would allow the district some time to prepare its response.