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The Immoral Minority: How the Republicans purposefully sabotaged the Recovery.

The Immoral Minority: How the Republicans purposefully sabotaged the Recovery.

33 Times

33 Times, Really? Last week, the House of Representatives, in a colossal waste of time, voted for the 33 rd time to repeal President Obama’s healthcare plan. Going into the vote, there was absolutely no question as to the result and its utter futility.  The Republicans voted for repeal, as they do every time, and the Democrats (with exception of the five who voted against the bill when it passed in the first place) voted against. The repeal effort will then go nowhere in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Even if it did; it would be vetoed by the president. Like so much in Washington these days, the exercise in the House had absolutely nothing to do with what the House is supposed to do, which is legislate.  It was pure political theater at its worst. Running a movie we have already seen 32 times is beyond boring. It is offensive.

The Big Problem

It seems that Republicans want everyone to have guns… and no one to have health care. GOP thought the sky would fall when Social Security was passed in the 1930’s and again when Medicare was passed in the 1960’s. Back then their god Ronald Regan ranted and raved that Medicare was socialist program and that it would mean the end of America’s freedom.  Well, the bad news for them is that Medicare turned out just fine, just as the Affordable Care Act will.

Employee Theft

A blog by Michael Truitt Prevent it Studies have shown that employee theft and embezzlement cost the U.S. economy as much as a billion dollars every year.  And now, unfortunately for you and every other employer, current economic conditions and easy access to casino gambling are increasing employees’ temptation to take what does not belong to them.

Chief Lee

Dear Chief Lee, Justice has to be for everyone. I, like hundreds of people around the world listened in horror to the 911 tapes of Trayvon Martin’s last moments on earth.  After reading about more of Mr. Zimmerman actions leading up to Trayvon’s death, I grew angry and then concerned. You actions in the midst of so much wrong doing are disconcerting. Who would have imaged that in this day and age, a young black man would not be able to walk down the street without being labeled suspicious, followed and then murdered. As a sworn office of the state of Florida, and a career lawman, you have an obligation to uphold the law, conduct a thorough and fair investigation and arrest George Zimmerman. Trayvon’s life is valuable as those of the young people who I am sure are part of your life. Respect it by giving this case an honest investigation and arresting George Zimmerman. In what world is it normal for someone to be shot and the shutter to be free and not even be

Pay Attention

By Michael W. Truitt Over the last couple of day, contraception has been issue.  The Obama administration issued a directive requiring all employers to cover the cost of contraception. The catholic and religious communities balked at the idea of have to pay for something that they were against.  And the issue seemed to be an issue of religious freedom.  The Obama administration compromised and shifted the cost to the insurance companies, but the religious community, some politicians, and certain pundits are still not pleased. You have people like Foster Friess, suggesting things like having women put aspirin between their legs, to Sandra Fluke being denied the opportunity to speak before contraception Hearing and on top of it all being called a “slut” by Rush Limbaugh.  I wonder if women are taking note that some white men are trying to make decisions that I believe a women should be making for themselves.  This contraception issues is no longer just about religious freedom,


Jan Brewer is just one a long list of republican’s who just don’t have any respect for the Office of the President of the United States.  All to often one will be lead to believe that is because The President is black. She has said that President Obama has “thin Skin”, but it looks like Jan is the one who has the thin skin.

Meaning- Based Literacy

Meaning-based approaches In contrast, advocates of meaning-based approaches see reading and writing as a congnitive process through process through which the reader associates meaning with print. As readers study the print on a page, they simultaneously try to match their own background knowledge with the ideas that appears in front of them, “making meaning” in the process.  For example, a person who is familiar with the culture of shopping in a U.S. supermarket will be able to use a store directory effectively, since she understand that the store will be laid out in aisles and that noodles, for example, will  most likely be in the pasta section.  On the other hand, someone who has only shopped at a farmer’s market will find the directory confusing and overwhelming in spite of being able to read the individual food items.  The directory only makes sense to someone who has the cultural knowledge to interpret its meaning. Meaning-based approaches that focus on meaning and context

What Works - Literacy

By Michael W. Truitt While some programs are eclectic in their perspective on literacy (e.g., seeking to combine traditional life skills with problem posing), others have a clearly defined literacy framework that guides classroom practice, staff development and assessment. Finally, programs vary in the way they conceptualize learner-centeredness and the degree to which they share control of the program.  In most innovative programs learners are involved in deciding what they wanted to learn and how.  To a much lesser extent, learners help make decision about course goals and assessment. In some participatory programs, learners are involved in the governance of the program itself and help make decisions regarding program direction and program aims.


Literacy Literacy  1. Ability to read and write. 2. Knowledge that relates to a specified subject The level at which functional literacy is set rises as society becomes more complex, and it becomes increasingly difficult for and illiterate person to find work and cope with the other demands of everyday life.

Bain Capital

A Super PAC loyal to Newt Gingrich plans to release a short movie called "King Of Bain", which is said to detail the role that Mitt Romney played when he was running the company.  In the video it states that Mitt was a corporate raider, or in the term used in the video "Corporate Fireman". When your own republican candidates are exposing Mitt Romney's corporate firemen, and venture capital, one could say the GOP has big problems. I have personally known two corporate firemen in my life, one was ruthless, cutting jobs, and downsizing. The other made real efforts to spin off positive assets of the company while trying to save the jobs with the sale off of those assets. Bain Capital cost more jobs than they ever created. Simple facts. Corporate firemen come in all types, some much better than others. Black and Decker was saved by one of these people thirty five years ago, then went on to save a domestic dinnerware mfr in Homer Laughlin China co. makers of

Closing The Deal

 After a dramatic, confusing night of suspense in the Republican Party's Iowa caucuses, the big winner may well have been a Democrat: Barack Obama.