What customers think is good service

In theory, the “tricks” to delivering awesome customer service are pretty straightforward: Empathy Appreciation Helpfulness Seems pretty easy, right? Just develop these three skills, and you'll be set. Sure, you can tune these by mastering the “thank you,” or by understanding how things like tone and word choice make a difference in support. But in practice, delighting customers isn't so straightforward -- what actually works doesn’t always reflect what most of us would assume. There are quite a few counterintuitive truths that can make or break how your customers feel about your service. Below are five surprising data points on what people really expect out of "good" customer service. 1) Should you start with the good news, or the bad news? It depends. How many times has someone asked you whether you want them to start with the good news or the bad news? It’s an old cliche, but it turns out that it actually does make a difference. And the order you choose ca

Delivering Personal Customer Service

Delivering personal customer service makes a huge difference. Here’s how to do it right. “Personal service” is the “synergy” of the customer support world. A buzzword used so often – by support agents, customers and marketers alike – that it’s lost meaning for many of us. Which is a damn shame, because personal service, when done right, is incredibly powerful. It can be the difference between a customer forgetting about you the minute their transaction is over, and that same person returning to become a loyal customer for life. But there’s a difference between saying that you deliver personal service (as so many companies do), and actually doing it. Today, I’m going to share what personal service really is, why it’s so important for your business, and actionable tips you and your team can use to start making your support more personal. The Value of Personal Service A few years ago, a survey by Genesys asked more than 9,000 consumers about what mattered to them most when it came

Ace your Interview

Congratulations; your hard work has paid off, and you have secured an interview. The interview is extremely critical given employers and recruiters use your presentation to make their final decision. Despite the growing discomfort in today’s job market, this remains true. Preparing for the Interview Enter an interview armed with a wealth of information on the company. When this is coupled with a solid understanding of how you can make a valuable contribution, you are automatically put at the front of the pack. Here are a few methods to ensure you stand out from the competition: Fully exhaust the Internet when researching the company’s reputation, financial status and recent developments. Reach out to your professional network for anyone who may have the inside scoop, and review annual reports and industry trade magazines to get all the facts. Review your resume again and familiarize yourself with the key points that you want to get across during the interview. It is very beneficial

The Immoral Minority: How the Republicans purposefully sabotaged the Recovery.

The Immoral Minority: How the Republicans purposefully sabotaged the Recovery.

33 Times

33 Times, Really? Last week, the House of Representatives, in a colossal waste of time, voted for the 33 rd time to repeal President Obama’s healthcare plan. Going into the vote, there was absolutely no question as to the result and its utter futility.  The Republicans voted for repeal, as they do every time, and the Democrats (with exception of the five who voted against the bill when it passed in the first place) voted against. The repeal effort will then go nowhere in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Even if it did; it would be vetoed by the president. Like so much in Washington these days, the exercise in the House had absolutely nothing to do with what the House is supposed to do, which is legislate.  It was pure political theater at its worst. Running a movie we have already seen 32 times is beyond boring. It is offensive.

The Big Problem

It seems that Republicans want everyone to have guns… and no one to have health care. GOP thought the sky would fall when Social Security was passed in the 1930’s and again when Medicare was passed in the 1960’s. Back then their god Ronald Regan ranted and raved that Medicare was socialist program and that it would mean the end of America’s freedom.  Well, the bad news for them is that Medicare turned out just fine, just as the Affordable Care Act will.

Employee Theft

A blog by Michael Truitt Prevent it Studies have shown that employee theft and embezzlement cost the U.S. economy as much as a billion dollars every year.  And now, unfortunately for you and every other employer, current economic conditions and easy access to casino gambling are increasing employees’ temptation to take what does not belong to them.