Chief Lee

Dear Chief Lee,

Justice has to be for everyone.

I, like hundreds of people around the world listened in horror to the 911 tapes of Trayvon Martin’s last moments on earth.  After reading about more of Mr. Zimmerman actions leading up to Trayvon’s death, I grew angry and then concerned. You actions in the midst of so much wrong doing are disconcerting.

Who would have imaged that in this day and age, a young black man would not be able to walk down the street without being labeled suspicious, followed and then murdered.

As a sworn office of the state of Florida, and a career lawman, you have an obligation to uphold the law, conduct a thorough and fair investigation and arrest George Zimmerman.

Trayvon’s life is valuable as those of the young people who I am sure are part of your life. Respect it by giving this case an honest investigation and arresting George Zimmerman.

In what world is it normal for someone to be shot and the shutter to be free and not even be charged?
You cannot continue to ignore the thousand of voices raised in protest.  Allowing Zimmerman to continue to walk free is a further miscarriage of justice.

Michael W Truitt 


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