Who Are You

You know we all do things that give glimpse of who we are, for example the guy who is mean or thoughtless to the waiter who serves his food, or female who constantly cuts her man down.  The father who drinks and then comes home and beats his wife, or the person who is always stirring up mess at work.  These are example of people who are showing us who they are, unfortunately it normally takes us a long time to hone in on these examples, we most time make excuses for their behavior. Past + Present behavior is a good indicator of what future behavior will be and while present behavior is not always 100% accurate it is at least 80% right.

Maya Angelou said it best, “The first time someone shows you they are, believe them.” In my life I have had to get hit upside the head several times and it took me months to realize that certain people in my life REALLY ARE JERKS.  But the feeling you get when you do finally get it, can be liberating, freeing and knowledgeable.


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