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These days the business world is all about change and expectations; it’s about new thinking, faster speed, and building new skills.  For this reason every team member, regardless of their field, but especially those in customer service, needs to be cross-trained.  This will help them take full responsibility for all elements of their performance, which become expected with each new day.
This being said, it is also true that teams have jobs, individuals do not.  There is a collective goal for the team or organization and it is up to everyone to contribute to the achievement of that goal.  Therefore, getting something accomplished is everybody’s job.
That means the negative, counterproductive attitude of “It’s not my job” simply isn’t suited to today’s work environment.  It has no place within an exceptional customer service team!
It’s very important to encourage every team member to think of themselves as part of a team which has a desired outcome.  Instead of working on individual tasks, it’s up to everyone to work together in order to meet, and preferably beat, the targets that have been set for success.


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