The Big Problem

It seems that Republicans want everyone to have guns… and no one to have health care.

GOP thought the sky would fall when Social Security was passed in the 1930’s and again when Medicare was passed in the 1960’s. Back then their god Ronald Regan ranted and raved that Medicare was socialist program and that it would mean the end of America’s freedom.  Well, the bad news for them is that Medicare turned out just fine, just as the Affordable Care Act will.

The GOP seems to professionals at selling fear and hate.

It’s pretty obvious why, Romney decided to reverse his own position to agree that the penalty is a tax.   This is the stupidest argument for a presidential candidate to engage in while the country still suffers from the 2008 Criminal Banking Activity.  If you can’t afford health insurance in 2014 once the exchanges and subsides are available, I doubt you make enough money to file taxes to trigger a penalty.

In Romney’s state of Mass, most of the people have health insurance, a whopping 95%.  He should be gloating about his pioneering health care reform and helping uninsured people instead of beating up on himself.

What this proves is that Romney is a captive of the Republican special interest who want to preserve the people as a piggy bank for their donors—banks, insurance companies, oil, etc.  He will go so far as to bash himself in a desperate ploy to accomplish his goal, which is not by the way, to make anyone’s life better but to prove only that he can be historic.  Some people want to be president just to be president – It’s an ego thing.

Republican don’t care if you don’t have insurance; they don’t care if you suffer from an illness and die as a result. If your name isn’t Jamie Dimon, they don’t care about you. Yet they succeed gloriously in convincing their followers to vote against their own interests:  If I can’t pay the bill out of my own social security check, then I’ll just suffer the consequences.

The tax code is full of penalties and rewards, and there are so many examples of parts of the population being compelled to buy something, most notably those who choose to drive an automobile, as well a luxury taxes on cigarettes, etc. I never agree with Limbaugh, but who really cares if it’s a tax or penalty?
The Republican and Tea Party base will have you believe that ACA is a “huge” tax hike on the middle class. Only those who hate the president and would never have vote for him anyway will believe the mandate “fine” is outrageously costly. 

The truth of the matter is that if you don’t have insurance, and don’t qualify for the exemptions or subsidies, only then will you have to pay the “fine” or “tax” whatever you want to call it.  It is not a huge “tax increase” on the middle class.

But the biggest problem of all is if the GOP and Tea Party try to run on “repeal” because then they will have to offer a credible “replace” plan.
 And they can’t. 


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