Congress's Stupidity

Tomorrow John Boehner and the House Republicans will make the dumbest vote ever in the history of the Congress.  Tomorrow they will vote to repeal the Health Care Law that was passed in March.  I am really not sure who wants to go back to arbitrary rate increases, being dropped from their insurance because of pre-existing condition, and life time limits on health care cost.  BUT I SURE WOULD LIKE TO MEET THOSE PEOPLE.  
Not only is repealing the the bill the WRONG thing to do, it will cost the US tax payers some $230 Billion over the next 10 years.  Besides 43% of Americans want the bill to be changed so that it does more to regulate the health care/insurance industry, And only 26% want it repealed all together. 

While this bill may not be the ended all to Universal Health care it is a very good start and does not need to be repealed but improved upon.

John Boehner, STOP PLAYING POLITICAL GAME WITH PEOPLE LIVES, and do the right thing!!!


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